Many members of the Lafayette community have offered insights as to how we can create optimal conditions for members of the community to return to campus. The safety of all members of our community is a primary concern as we transition from the spring semester and naturally look ahead. It must also be recognized that a lot is still unknown about COVID-19 and that each day new information about testing and effectiveness of various physical distancing measures comes available. The timing for the release of a vaccine is unclear. Until that occurs, we have to rely on other strategies to mitigate risk in the community.

The building blocks of a successful return strategy for higher education include considerations related to testing, contact tracing, quarantine/isolation, physical distancing and, where possible, reduction in density. These topics are being discussed by every college and university across the country and there is no one size fits all, absolute best strategy.  

A decision on the preferred direction for fall is expected to be announced June 15. Many faculty, student, and staff groups and representatives have already provided valuable insight and members of the Implementation Plan Development Group are interested in collecting additional ideas and concerns from the community. Please submit an idea and/or concern via email to