Updated Jan. 18, 2022 (6:34 p.m.)

For the 2021 fall semester and 2021-22 winter/interim, the College is deploying surveillance testing for unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff, and diagnostic testing for students with symptoms.

COVID-19 cases and testing indicated on this dashboard are classified to the best of the College’s knowledge and reflect data reconciled with off-campus testing. To protect confidentiality and privacy, Lafayette will not disclose any identifying information about affected individuals.


Active Positive Cases
Students Faculty & Staff
6 19

vaccination data
Students Faculty & Staff
(full and part-time staff; excludes temporary staff)
98.1% fully vaccinated 97.2% fully vaccinated
1.9% exemptions 0.4% partially vaccinated
2.4% exemptions

The data on this dashboard has been reconciled with off-campus testing.

Tests administered daily
(Dec. 22 – present)

Daily positive cases
(Dec. 22 – present)

Cumulative positive cases
(Dec. 22 – present)

State and regional information
COVID-19 information is also available through the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Northampton County.

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