Updated Jan. 13, 2022

Lafayette’s testing strategy was developed in collaboration with local health resources and utilizing external partners to expand our capability and responsiveness in conducting the most appropriate testing to help keep the community safe. 

We recognize that the timing of the start of the spring semester, while the omicron variant continues to spread rapidly in many communities, presents unique challenges, distinctly different from those we faced in the fall. Our testing strategy has several prongs: pre-arrival, arrival and on-going testing will be combined to achieve our goals of learning and living together. We have partnered with Genetworx to manage all testing except diagnostic tests done for students who are symptomatic. Diagnostic testing will only be done for students (not employees) and will be completed at Bailey Health Center.

Pre-Arrival Testing

Pre-arrival testing is a requirement for returning to campus. Students have two options to complete pre-arrival testing. 

  1. On Jan. 5, all students who are not currently on campus received an email with instructions to set up an account with Aura that will be used to verify the address to send the kit for pre-arrival testing. Completing the registration will automatically send a test kit to the address in the account. The kits will be sent on or around Jan. 12, so be sure the address in the account is where you can receive a kit. Detailed instructions about how to complete the pre-arrival test will be provided.
  2. Students outside the United States, or students within the United States who prefer to get a test locally, may arrange their own test and bring the results to check-in. 

Please note, students are not permitted to begin attending classes without completing pre-arrival and arrival testing, if required.

Students who have had a COVID-19 infection since Dec. 15, 2021 will receive instructions about whether or not they should complete pre-arrival testing and how arrival testing will be handled. Students who test positive for COVID-19 after completing the sign up for Aura should notify us at covid-19@lafayette.edu for guidance.

Arrival Testing

Arrival testing will also be scheduled by using the Aura App. Arrival testing is available between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 21, Saturday, Jan. 22 and Sunday, Jan. 23 in the Wilson Room in Pfenning. Students are urged to quickly set up their account within the Aura app to improve the chances their selected date and time for arrival will be available. You will have access to the arrival sign up in the Aura app on approximately Jan. 13. All available time slots for arrival between Jan. 21 and Jan. 23 will be listed. If a specific time slot is not available, you must select another time. Students need to plan to arrive during designated testing hours on those three dates. If your flight arrives outside of the listed testing dates and times, please indicate your arrival time and we will provide instructions regarding testing. Creating your account before Jan. 12 is essential as you will not have access to the scheduler unless you set up the Aura account. Students who are part of designated early arrival groups with dates of arrival prior to Jan. 21 will receive instruction from their group leader about what to do for testing.

You should plan to take your test as soon as practical after receiving the pre-arrival test kit. Use the chart below to gauge the window for returning your test. Locate your nearest FedEx drop box location, so when you complete your test you can take it there immediately.

Arrival date on campus
date to ship Pre-arrival test
Jan. 21 or 22 Jan. 17*
Jan. 23 Jan. 18

* Please note Jan. 17 is a federal holiday. FedEx has limited pickup times. Check the hours.

In-Semester Testing

Ongoing monitoring testing will be conducted on-site by Genetworx staff. Weekly testing will be conducted and the Aura app will be used for this purpose. The dates and times for testing will be made available before students move in. Students who received exemptions from vaccination due to medical or religious reasons will be required to test weekly. A percentage of vaccinated students will also be contacted weekly to be tested. Students who do not appear for their weekly or random testing appointment will be restricted from attending classes. Additionally, students who are fully vaccinated may sign up for testing as long as space permits. 

All pre-arrival, arrival, and weekly monitoring tests will be done using PCR tests. Diagnostic testing (for symptomatic students), as well as follow-up testing for students who are in quarantine or isolation, will be conducted using antigen tests administered at Bailey Health Center.

Faculty and staff who received medical or religious exemptions from vaccination will be tested through our monitoring program administered by Genetworx. Faculty and staff who are fully vaccinated may download the Aura app and sign up for one test per week, as space permits. Faculty and staff who are symptomatic should seek advice from their primary care physician. Find a test locally:

You may also try to order an at-home test using one of the following vendors (pricing and insurance acceptance information is available on each website):