The College has seen a large increase in COVID-19 cases since Monday, and we are well aware of presumptive speculation that we will move to Level 3. Rest assured, we are monitoring things carefully, and while any rise in cases is a concern, it is quite apparent that these recent cases have resulted from specific groups and behaviors. We continue to investigate information regarding recently reported events and will address those within the College’s conduct system as appropriate.

As mentioned in my weekly COVID-19 update last Friday, operational levels will be amended this week to incorporate many of the things we have learned over the past few weeks, so even a move to Level 2 would be less restrictive for most of you than it was previously. For example, the activities of some, but not all, groups or segments of the College may be limited.

I know that many of you are following the daily positive case numbers on the COVID-19 dashboard, but those numbers alone do not tell the full story about overall risk to the campus. Multiple factors, including new cases, new cases outside those already quarantined, and information about student behaviors will be taken into account as levels are amended. To that end, it’s important to avoid projecting the level that will be implemented. Simply focus on engaging in the protective behaviors that have proven effective. 

To reduce your own risk, please follow the strategies that have been in place for a year: maintain physical distance, wear a mask, limit your unique social contacts.

Annette Diorio
Vice President for Campus Life