Leopard head with maskDear Students,

With the beginning of classes on Monday, we plan to move to Operational Level 2. It is your responsibility to understand the implications of each operational level. We do not anticipate moving down to Level 1 until at least Feb. 22. We might revert to a more restrictive level if there is a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Reminders and updates

  • The COVID-19 dashboard is updated every weekday, so you know this is the source for the most accurate details about where we stand as a community. The current operational level is noted at the top of the dashboard as well as in each edition of Lafayette Today
  • There were 25 positive cases from the 1,877 pre-arrival tests received as of yesterday. Those students were instructed to remain home until cleared for return to campus. Arrival tests are still being conducted. An update on positive cases from these tests will be posted to the dashboard once all are returned.
  • Weekly screening testing for both students and employees will resume on Monday at Pfenning Alumni Center.
  • The Campus Life staff has offered many helpful tips for the spring semester, ranging from mental health to roommates and the daily symptom tracker. 
  • We have consistently specified that violations of the COVID-19 addendum to the student handbook or Pard Pledge would result in conduct outcomes up to and including suspension. As of this writing, several students are now studying from home due to alleged violations. Be sure you are familiar with the financial impact of being moved to remote status once classes begin on Monday. 
  • Hosting or attending social gatherings is the most likely way for COVID-19 to spread rapidly throughout the community and the most likely, albeit not only, reason for students to be sent home. Currently, in Operational Level 3, the limit for a gathering is zero. The spirit of the regulation is to limit your unique social contacts and not gathering in ways that spread COVID-19. Thinking about the people you have contact with is as important as the size limits on gatherings. Moving between smaller gatherings is equally likely to spread disease, so keep your social circle small. This is the only way we can control this disease, and it is not new information, so please do your part!
  • Vaccine updates for Pennsylvania are available. Information about signing up for the COVID-19 vaccines is posted by St. Luke’s University Health Network and Lehigh Valley Health Network. The College is not authorized to provide vaccines on site at this time.

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin the spring semester. If you have questions, please contact me at vpcampuslife@lafayette.edu.

Annette Diorio
Vice President for Campus Life