The first round of employee testing will occur on Jan. 25, 26, and 27. Employees scheduled for weekly testing, as well as staff of our campus partners Bon Appetit, CSI, and COCM, will be scheduled for their initial tests over those three days. The majority of Lafayette employees and some of our campus partners will use a qualtrics scheduling system for this first round of testing only. Others will be given a specific time designated by their supervisor. As we move into February, most employees will use a specific LVHN website to schedule weekly testing.

While a more detailed FAQ with information about the weekly testing will be available next week, here are a few key pieces of information: 

  • All Lafayette employees identified by their supervisor as spending at least two days a week on campus must be tested weekly. They will receive a qualtrics survey early next week to select a time slot on one of the three initial testing days.
  • It’s anticipated that during the semester, testing will occur Monday through Friday.  
  • All testing will be conducted in the Wilson Room of Pfenning Alumni Center. Please arrive at the Pfenning patio area at your assigned time and follow the signs and directions.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 recently, please notify Bailey Health Center. You will not need to participate in testing for 90 days after a positive COVID-19 test result. You must, of course, be released by your physician before returning to work. You must still take precautions, wear a mask, and physically distance. 
  • We ask for the entire community’s patience during the initial week(s) of testing as we streamline the process and roll out the use of the LVHN scheduling website. 

If you have additional questions after we release the full set of FAQs next week, please email 

Stay healthy!

Operational Implementation Group