As we enter the last week of classes, I have a few updates about the close of the fall semester. First, I want to thank all of the students who have followed our adjusted COVID-19 guidelines for the past several weeks. As case counts in surrounding communities surge, you have been diligent about doing the things we ask to keep yourselves and your peers safe. It’s also encouraging that we were able to discontinue use of additional patrols in the neighborhood several weeks ago due to compliance with the rules.  

Pre-departure testing is an important step the College is taking to help keep you and your families safe. Testing, however, is not enough. The CDC has issued new recommendations for the upcoming holiday. Your behaviors following testing this week should include minimal contact with those outside your living group. The COVID-19 case counts in the Lehigh Valley are high, so please bear that in mind as you get ready to head home. If your state has a mandatory or recommended quarantine period, you should follow it upon returning home.  

The oncoming winter months, the length of disruption in our normal routines, and the difficulty in breaking holiday gathering traditions are converging to create the potential for an enormous escalation in COVID-19 cases. We are concerned for the safety of you, your families, and your home communities, but we know you will do all you can to limit the spread.  

Stay healthy and enjoy the break before final exams.


Annette Diorio
Vice President for Campus Life