To the Lafayette Community:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

With two days of remote learning under our belts, students, professors, and staff are starting to settle into this different mode of instruction. As we adjust to this change, questions are emerging, and not just among students. What technical support is available to enable remote work by staff? Will we do course evaluations this semester? When are final grades due? We’ve done our best to give answers in the Staff and Faculty FAQ. Have a question not covered there? Send us a note.

New Pass/Fail Policy

The College has approved a temporary change to its pass/fail grading policy for the spring semester. Students can choose a pass/fail grade later in the term than usual, and for a wider range of courses. Read the policy in full.

Health updates and guidelines

“There will be significant local activity of COVID-19 in the coming weeks, and I encourage students, staff, and faculty who are sick with cough, fever, fatigue, and body aches to get tested,” says Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, director of health services. “Remember, more than 80 percent of individuals with the illness will have very mild symptoms. The average turnaround time for test results is still several days. There is limited ‘fast testing’ available in the Lehigh Valley, but these tests are being prioritized for hospitalized patients and healthcare workers.” Read updated health information, guidelines, and recommendations.


Weekly e-newsletter

Finally, a great way to stay in touch with all things Lafayette is through our weekly e-newsletter, From the Hill, distributed every Wednesday morning. If you do not receive From the Hill, please subscribe.

Be well and stay safe.

Lafayette’s COVID-19 Response Team