Updated April 16, 2020

We continue to monitor closely and prepare for the spread of COVID-19. The safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff remains our highest priority. Below you will find some updated guidance and policies the College is instituting during the next few weeks for the period of remote teaching and learning.

Campus Building Access

All campus buildings except Farinon remain locked during the day. Students can access their assigned residence hall by using their access fob. Faculty and staff can access their assigned buildings by using their access fob. Please contact Public Safety in advance (610-330-5330) to let staff know you will be entering a building.

Childcare Concerns

Essential employees who experience significant childcare challenges between now and April 5 should advise their supervisor of this and discuss their circumstances and availability. With their supervisor’s approval, for the period between now and April 5, 2020, they will not be charged vacation or sick time for this purpose. As circumstances continue to evolve, we will revisit this issue.


We are working to develop online programming to engage members of the campus community during this time of remote teaching and learning, more information about these virtual events will be shared when it is available.


Overtime is prohibited without the permission of division heads.

Remote Work

For our faculty and staff, we are emphasizing social distancing on campus, and therefore will be working to support remote work wherever possible. Division heads in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources will provide guidance to department leaders and managers, working to ensure that essential staff are on campus when necessary and the resources to work remotely are available where possible. Please review the preparing to go remote website and the Social Distancing and Remote Work Guidance and related FAQ’s.

Sick Time

In this moment of global health crisis we want you to stay home if you are sick. To support employees, including those partners like Bon Appetit and CSI, those who accrue sick time will not have hours deducted and they will be paid. More information on this policy is available on the Human Resources website.

Travel Policies and Guidance


  • Until further notice, all international Lafayette sponsored travel is prohibited.  
  • Until further notice, essential domestic Lafayette sponsored travel is ONLY permitted with approval of the division head.

“College-sponsored” means funded wholly or in part by the College via operating funds, endowments or grants managed by the College. 

We strongly encourage members of our community to cancel personal travel that would expose them and potentially our community to the virus. Keep apprised of U.S. restrictions, quarantines, and isolation protocols that may be in place on your return. Travelers should refer to the CDC website for the most up-to-date information.

The College is requiring until further notice, that all approved College-sponsored travel must be booked through contracted college booking services. This will provide the College with a central means to be aware of our traveler locations, and a method to proactively contact travelers if necessary. More information on approved booking services can be found on the Purchasing website.

We understand that faculty and staff are facing cancellations of conferences and events, and may be wondering about travel costs. The College will cover the cost of travel that has already been booked and will now need to be canceled. Employees should make every effort to get any available travel credits, travel vouchers and refunds that are possible. Travel vouchers should be used for future College business and may be utilized if/when events are rescheduled. Please submit travel expenses, less any refunds received, to Accounts Payable with a note describing that the cancelation is related to the travel restrictions due to COVID-19. For grant sponsored travel questions contact Mary Ellen Jackson at jacksmar@lafayette.edu.

Vacation Days

The College allowed employees to carry over to the this fiscal year up to five vacation days from last fiscal year beyond what is normally permitted without special approval. These days must be used by June 30, 2021, and as usual, the timing of taking them must be approved by the employee’s supervisor. These additional carryover days if unused would not be included in the unutilized vacation paid out upon conclusion of employment with the College.

For more information, see the memo from Human Resources announcing that the College is allowing employees to carry over five vacation days to the next fiscal year.