Lafayette Community,

We continue to see a downward trend in our new COVID-19 cases. While we expect to see isolated cases or even small clusters of cases, we believe our very high vaccination rate will continue to keep the community well protected from the most severe outcomes of infection. 

Over the last few weeks, we solicited feedback from several campus constituent groups about revising our community expectations, including masking. While the feedback was not universal, it is clear that many members of the community would welcome more flexibility in how we approach masking. As anticipated, the CDC issued new guidance regarding masking recommendations. The most significant change is the inclusion of multiple metrics to determine the alert level for a community. The current community level for Northampton County is medium. In the medium alert level, the CDC guidance is summarized as follows:

While we recognize COVID-19 continues to pose health challenges and that our environment requires both monitoring and management, we also believe it is appropriate to make adjustments to our expectations given the current guidance and our experiences to date.

Effective March 1:

  • Masking will no longer be required:
    • in residence halls.
    • in administrative buildings and offices, except upon individual request.
  • Masking will still be required for all members of the community:
    • in all classrooms, laboratories, and libraries.
    • in Bailey Health Center, including the first and second floor offices.
    • in the Kirby Sports Center for individuals who are there to access COVID-19 testing and in Farinon if attending a class or events as requested by the organizer.
    • in the Williams Center for the Performing Arts, Weiss Theater of Buck Hall, and Studio Theater in 248 N. 3rd St. In addition, proof of vaccination is required at all performances through the spring semester.
    • on the LCATS or other College group transportation per the federal government requirements regarding common transportation carriers.
    • in administrative offices at the request of occupants.
    • inside all campus buildings for members of the community who are not vaccinated. 
  • Indoor events with food and residence hall overnight guests will also be permitted. Please remember all overnight guests (not Lafayette students) must be registered

Effective March 7:

  • Individual faculty members may elect to make masking optional in classes and laboratories. Students should assume masking remains required in classes until notified by their faculty that it is optional for each class. 
  • Libraries will permit individuals to be unmasked unless interacting with masked members of the library staff. If that is the case, masking is expected.
  • Students can pick up an at-home COVID-19 test kit at Feather House. The kit can be used for testing related to spring break. Students are not required to test before leaving or returning from break but we wish to make it easy for students who need or wish to do so.

Over spring break, we will begin the large effort to remove mask requirement signs from the exterior of buildings. Facilities Operations has asked that individuals do not try to remove signs as some damage could occur if removed improperly.

We will continue to monitor our experiences very closely and make adjustments based on those experiences.

Be well and stay safe,

Annette Diorio
Vice President for Campus Life

Dr. Jeff Goldstein
Director of Health Services

COVID-19 Action Group