This message was sent Jan. 5 via email to all students who are not currently on campus or are scheduled to arrive after Jan. 15, providing instructions to register for pre-arrival testing.

We are pleased to outline Lafayette’s spring semester COVID-19 testing program and our partnership with Genetworx to provide pre-arrival, arrival, and sequential monitoring testing. As described in our Dec. 21 announcement and FAQ regarding the spring semester, our approach was built on four main pillars:

  • Requirement for all eligible members of the community to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster by Feb. 1. Students must upload proof of a booster to their electronic medical record as soon as is practical. Proof of vaccination includes a legible copy of your vaccine card.
  • Masking in classrooms and shared academic and administrative spaces will continue in the spring semester. As was our commitment throughout the fall 2021 semester, we will monitor the campus experience and make adjustments if possible but feel establishing this as the basic operational expectation is more transparent for our community.
  • Pre-arrival and day of arrival testing for all students. Sequential weekly testing is required for all members of the community exempt from vaccination, supplemented with a percentage of monitoring tests being administered to vaccinated individuals. There will be additional, limited slots available for students, faculty, and staff who are not in the previous two categories but would like to be tested.
  • Continued use of the combination of enhanced air exchanges and HEPA filters in classrooms, as appropriate.

The first step for the testing program is to follow this link and create an account in the Aura app by January 12:
Take the survey.

Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

When opening the Aura app, please use the sign-in with Google and use your Lafayette email address.

BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN TO ENTER THE ADDRESS WHERE YOUR TEST KIT WILL BE MAILED. If you experience any issues, please see the detailed instructions.

Note that the Aura app and website can only be used within the United States. Please indicate through the survey linked above if you are currently outside of the United States so that further instructions can be shared.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I do if I tested positive for COVID-19 recently?
Students who have a lab-verified positive COVID-19 result for infection since Dec. 15, 2021 will be exempt from pre-arrival and arrival testing. However, you MUST UPLOAD a copy of the lab verified test result to your electronic medical record before Jan. 12. Students who do not have a lab-verified result should contact us at for further instructions regarding testing.

Can I move in if my pre-arrival test is positive?
No, you may not come to campus if your pre-arrival test is positive. You will receive instructions on how to reschedule your arrival.

What happens if my arrival test is positive?
If your arrival test is positive, you will be required to isolate for at least 5 days. If you live close to campus and can return home, you should plan to do so. Students who can safely isolate in their off-campus apartment or suite will be permitted to do so.

Will I have to participate in weekly testing?
Sequential testing will be done for all members of the Lafayette community who have an exemption from vaccination. Additionally, a percentage of fully vaccinated members of the community who have received a booster will be selected each week for testing. Any remaining slots are available for general use by any member of the community. Registration for testing will be done through the Aura app.

I missed the window to order my pre-arrival kit. What should I do?
Students can obtain a lab-verified PCR test at their own cost if they elect not to participate in pre-arrival testing using the Aura app or fail to order the test by the deadline of Jan. 12, 2022.

I ordered a pre-arrival kit but have tested positive for COVID-19 since receiving it. What should I do?
Students who test positive for COVID-19 after receiving the pre-arrival kit and have been seen by a physician or have a lab-verified result should not take the pre-arrival test. Upload your lab-verified result to your electronic medical record and also bring a copy when you arrive for testing the day you return to campus. Students who do not have a lab-verified result should contact us at for further instructions regarding testing.

Can I take an antigen test to fulfill the pre-arrival requirement?
No. Pre-arrival tests must be PCR.

What happens if I do not complete pre-arrival testing?
Students who do not have a negative pre-arrival test result in Aura or present with a lab verified negative test will not be eligible for arrival testing. Students will be expected to leave campus until a lab verified test result is obtained. Students who do not complete arrival day testing will be restricted from attending classes until testing is completed. Students who do not appear for sequential testing will be restricted from classes until the test is completed. If multiple weeks are missed, students will face additional disciplinary consequences, including suspension.