To Lafayette students:

As announced in May, Lafayette added the COVID-19 vaccine to its list of required vaccines for students. All students must upload a completed copy of their COVID-19 vaccine card to their health portal by Aug. 1 in order to move into residence hall assignments and attend classes. The only exceptions are students with a medical or religious exemption approved by the College. Exemption requests with full documentation must be received by July 21. Students who are not compliant will receive an email with action steps tomorrow from Lafayette’s COVID-19 Action Group. 

Those not in compliance risk their fall enrollment status. If the date of your second dose is after Aug. 1, please email with that information. 

If you haven’t filed an exemption request, we can’t promise review before the deadline for compliance. Also, filing a request after July 21 may jeopardize your housing/course selections.

Faculty and staff will not receive information about vaccine status for any students or employees. Nor will students receive information about vaccine status for other students, faculty or staff. However, if external agencies such as employers, study abroad partners, or other institutions to which students may travel are governed by specific guidelines regarding vaccination, students or employees may be required to provide proof of vaccination to participate in associated activities. 


Lafayette’s COVID-19 Action Group