To Lafayette faculty and staff:

The College has ceased relying on operational levels for the campus community. Just under 91% of our full-time employees who responded to our survey have been vaccinated, with more planning to be vaccinated in the coming weeks. Students on campus this summer who have not fulfilled the College’s vaccine requirement are able to do so at many easily accessible locations. Monitoring testing was discontinued on May 28 as we began to shape what will become our new normal. Below is information relating to the changing state and College guidance.

As we look at increased traffic to our campus over the summer from camps, admissions, alumni, and others, the College will continue to follow state guidance. As such, after June 28, vaccinated visitors can enter buildings without masks. We recommend that those who are unvaccinated continue to wear masks.

College-sponsored international and domestic travel is permitted beginning July 1, and approval should follow standard college business practices. Employees are responsible for following state and federal guidelines with respect to masking and other COVID-19 policies. International travel to Department of State Level 4 classified countries is still prohibited. 

On- and off-campus events
Employees hosting or responsible for College-sponsored events must review and follow state guidance and regulations. Crowded settings still present a greater risk of transmission among people who have not been fully vaccinated, especially when they bring together people of unknown vaccination status from different areas where community transmission is substantial to high. The College recommends that those who are not fully vaccinated make decisions to protect their own health and the health of other unvaccinated individuals by avoiding large gatherings. If they choose to attend, they should wear well-fitting masks that cover the mouth and nose, maintain physical distance, and practice good hand hygiene.


Lafayette’s COVID-19 Action Group