Earlier today, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration recommended a pause of use of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine. There have been six reported cases of serious blood clots among the 6.8 million people vaccinated with it. 

The CDC will meet with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices to further review the data and assess the significance of these reports. Out of an abundance of caution, this vaccine, which was administered on campus yesterday, is on pause. 

Common side effects include pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, muscle pain, and chills. These side effects are similar to those from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. They usually resolve in a day or two and can be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

While clotting events are extremely rare with this vaccine, recipients should contact a provider for leg pain/swelling, chest pain, shortness of breath, and severe abdominal pain if these symptoms occur within three weeks of receiving the vaccine. Students who are on campus and experience these symptoms should contact Bailey Health Center (610-330-5001). If the health center is closed, contact Public Safety (610-330-5330). 

St. Luke’s University Health Network postponed today’s on-campus vaccinations. They will be rescheduled to another date, most likely Friday, using a different brand of vaccine. More information on rescheduling logistics will be shared when it is available.