Lafayette is committed to keeping its entire community safe, which depends on each member’s adherence to our policies and expectations as well as mutual accountability. We know that you, in turn, rely on us to address policy violations within the bounds of our conduct system. This fall, we responded to every report that came in, including individual meetings with anyone who was the subject of a COVID-19-related concern. There were also COVID-19 conduct cases formally adjudicated by both administrative hearing officers and the Faculty Committee on Student Conduct. Unfortunately, because so many reports came in anonymously, we were not able to go back to the person who submitted the form and update them on our actions, nor were we able to ask questions to get additional details.  

As of this month, any person filing a report will have to submit their name and contact information. In an effort to treat all reports and persons fairly, and to robustly address violations when they occur, it is imperative that we have contact information. Sharing your contact information with the Office of Student Conduct does not mean it will be shared with another student without your permission. Because of the health and safety component of COVID-19-related concerns, an expedited process is necessary, and the timely responses of all involved will minimize risk to the community.

Both the COVID-19-related Addendum to the Student Handbook and the COVID-19-related reporting form can be found at