Hello everyone,

More students have started to ask about the process for gaining permission to leave the Lehigh Valley. This is raising our level of concern about the ability to keep you and the community safe.   After consultation with Dr. Goldstein we are implementing the following process for students who wish to leave the Lehigh Valley:

  1. You must alert us before leaving the area by emailing vpcampuslife@lafayette.edu, and your request will be evaluated. The evaluation will include checking the COVID case count in the area you are visiting and information about the length of your stay and potential for activities to expose you to higher risk.
  2. Upon your return, you should expect to self-quarantine for seven days and then be re-tested for COVID, unless you are traveling to an area where the state has recommended a two-week quarantine, in which case you must quarantine for the entire two-week period and then be re-tested.
  3. The cost of the COVID test after discretionary travel will be added to your student account.

Our initial testing and monitoring protocol hinges upon the community being as much a “closed circuit” as possible. This is why we discourage travel outside the Lehigh Valley and why we notified students to limit travel except for rare/emergency situations as you considered whether to request returning to campus.

Testing is not a substitute for good protective behaviors including:

  • Limiting time within six feet of those not part of your residential environment.
  • Wearing an appropriate face covering when on campus and also when you are near those you do not live with whether on or off campus.
  • Washing your hands frequently.
  • Not touching your face.

The safety and health of our community is our collective responsibility. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks and stay well.

Annette Diorio
Vice President for Campus Life