Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Thank you for all of your efforts preparing for remote instruction next week so that our students can continue their classes starting Monday. We most definitely understand that you are still working through the details about how you might teach your courses. That being said, we also know that many students are nervous because they don’t have information about their classes. We ask that you please let your students know what to expect next week by this Friday, March 20th, so that they can prepare accordingly. You might even send them a note today, saying nothing more than that you are in the midst of preparing for next week and will be in touch by Friday with more details.

There is great benefit to keeping your first remote class very simple. For example, perhaps you post pre-class readings on Moodle and meet during the normally scheduled class time via Google Meet, with the link to the Google Meet posted on Moodle and sent via email. Or, if your class was based on boardwork, you might post scans of what you would have put on the board to Moodle and talk through them via Google Meet. Or perhaps you let students know that you posted an assignment in the Moodle course site for them to complete, and that a discussion board post based on the activity is due by the end of the first remote class session day.

Please know that more support continues to be available this week to assist you in your preparations. Feel free to review the following resources, or join any of the sessions noted below.  You can also contact or this week and beyond for individual consultations and inquiries.

Remote Collaboration Resources & Guides

Today through Friday, March 20, our ITS colleagues will be staffing the Virtual Tech Lounge from 9-5 pm daily. The link and more information can be found at: Virtual Tech Lounge

CITLS staff will be present in the Virtual Tech Lounge during the following hours:

Today from 2-3pm,
3/19 from 2-3pm, and
3/20 from 1-2pm

John Meier, Provost
Jamila Bookwala, Dean of the Faculty
Michael Olin, Dean of Advising
Tracie Addy, Associate Dean for Faculty Support and Director of CITLS
Markus Dubischar, Associate Dean for the Curriculum
Jason Alley, Director of Learning & Research Technologies, ITS