We hope you all are doing well during this eventful time. This week the Lafayette faculty and staff are working intensively to prepare for the transition to two weeks of remote learning that will begin the Monday after spring break. 

We recognize that you may be facing difficult circumstances in many arenas as we adapt to new ways of teaching and learning. This will be an adjustment for faculty members and staff as well! Our success in this transition will depend on our ability to be patient and flexible with each other.

For questions specifically related to your classes, your course instructor is your best point of contact. Below we have compiled answers to general questions you may have on your mind. 

We wish you good luck, and hope that you find ways to enjoy the remainder of spring break.

John Meier, Provost
Michael Olin, Dean of Advising
Jamila Bookwala, Dean of the Faculty
Tracie Addy, Associate Dean for Faculty Support, and Director of CITLS
Markus Dubischar, Associate Dean of the Curriculum

What are my professors’ plans for holding class during the remote learning period?

Each of your professors should individually communicate their plans for course delivery and engagement with you prior to the start of the remote learning period. Any live, online class meetings should be held at the normally-scheduled course time. We acknowledge that there may be challenges related to time zone differences during this scheduling process, and appreciate your flexibility.  If you do not hear from your professors about their contingency plans for the course by the Friday of spring break, be sure to contact them directly. 

What if I have not yet heard about remote learning plans from one of my professors by Friday of spring break?

Please contact the relevant head or chair for the department or program in which that particular course is being offered. You can find the appropriate head or chair by going to the department or program’s webpage.  There is also a list of heads and chairs that can be found toward the bottom of the Information, Forms, and Lists page off of the Provost’s main page. If you sent an email to a department head or chair and have waited more than 24 hours without a response, please contact Markus Dubischar (dubischm@lafayette.edu), Associate Dean of the Curriculum.   

How can I be prepared to meet during live class sessions?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are regularly checking your Lafayette email account, your Moodle course sites, or any other means by which your professors plan to send communications. Please also review the Student Resource that describes how to prepare for remote learning and collaboration using Google Meet. Please note that your professor may use other video conferencing software. Be sure to test out any new technologies prior to when they are first used.

What if I do not have access to WiFi at my location during the remote learning period and it is required for my course? 

Please be sure to make your professor aware of your situation prior to the remote learning period so that you can work out alternatives. Several companies are offering free access to WiFi during this time period.

What are the expected attendance policies during the remote learning period?

The same attendance policies set by your professors are in effect during the remote period and you are expected to attend, prepare for, and engage in any live class sessions and to complete assignments by their deadlines. If there are circumstances that prevent you from engaging in your course (illness, access concerns, scheduling issues, etc.) you should contact your professors directly as soon as this is known.

What are the grading policies during the remote period?

Grading policies remain the same at this time, although individual instructors may choose to make adjustments to their syllabi and assignments. And of course, the College’s expectations for honesty and integrity remain the same.

I have specific course accommodations. How will these be taken into account? 

Please reach out to your professor to discuss how accommodations will be met during the remote learning period. The Office of Accessibility Services is an excellent resource for you in this situation. There is also a COVID-19 webpage being built by the Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Activities that will address a number of issues related to work done by the Hub, class deans, and other functions in Scott Hall. Class deans and other Advising staff members will continue to be available for appointments (video or phone). Please use the contact information on their staff page if you would like to set up a meeting with them during this remote learning period.

What happens if classes resume meeting on campus but I am restricted from travel? 

The faculty and staff is working hard to plan for multiple scenarios, and just as we find ways to provide support for students who are sick on campus and cannot attend classes, we would also seek to find ways to support students who are restricted from returning to campus.

We will continue to add to our bank of FAQs and you can email additional questions to covid-19@Lafayette.edu.