Dining Services

How does Dining Services plan on opening and serving students in the spring semester?

Dining Services is committed to serving 2,000-2,700 students on the current meal plan model in reasonable time frames without diminishing the quality of meals and service. The reopening plan delineates key areas: safety and sanitation, equipment and supplies, signage, operating hour adjustments, venue changes, seating, returning the staff, and communication.

Why do we have to use paper and single-use compostable dining ware?

Single serve has proven to help stop spread of the virus.

Why are sneeze guards pulled down in serving areas?

This is an industry best practice to help prevent cross-contamination of foods from sneezing, coughing, and unwashed hands.

Why aren’t personal drink bottles allowed?

These can contaminate the fountain. Additionally, this is a requirement mandated by the Easton Board of Health.

What other steps is Dining Services taking to minimize risk?

 Tables and chairs are being wiped down several times throughout the day with antiviral spray. Additionally, Facilities Operations is spraying the entire facility on a routine basis. (As always, you should wash your hands per the guidelines before and after entering the facility.) Bon Appetit is following guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Easton Health Board, and Compass Group’s pandemic plan to minimize the risk of infectious diseases.

Can I opt out of my meal plan?

Students on the five- or seven-meal plan will be allowed to opt out this semester. Questions about student accounts? Call (610) 330-5145 or email studentbilling@lafayette.edu

How do I download the dining app?

What venues allow for dining app use?

Simons, ECO Café, Gilberts, Lower Farinon, and eventually Trolley Diner.

How do I obtain a student ID this semester?

Access instructions online.

What dining venues will be open for spring 2021?

Will students with dietary restrictions continue to be accommodated?

Yes. Campus Executive Chef John Soder will be happy to answer questions, meet, and explain how students with food allergens can eat safely on campus.

Can I eat in a dining hall?

Yes. There will be limited seating with plexiglass barriers. If a dining hall is full, you can take your meal to go in a disposable container.

Why does dining close at 10 p.m.?

This is done for enhanced overnight cleaning and disinfection. Keep an eye out for food trucks on occasion during later hours. 

Why is Skillman Café closed for the spring semester?

Because of spacing issues in the café and anticipated high traffic in the Library.

Will the food truck be available on campus?

Yes, weather permitting.

Does the food truck take meal swipes?

Yes. Students can now pay with meals swipe, Pard Dollars, cash, and credit/debit.

When will the diner open?

The tentative date is April 1.

Are students who are quarantining allowed to pick up meals?

Yes. The preferred method is for friends to pick up your meals, but students quarantining (not in isolation) may use the socially distanced takeout process. This process limits the number of students gathering and incorporates socially distancing queuing as necessary. Students place their dining order via the Transact mobile app and pick up at the designated area. Students are in and out of the dining halls in 10-15 minutes and stand socially distanced wearing a face covering.

Are students isolating due to being COVID-19 positive allowed to pick up meals in dining facilities?

No. Upon receiving a COVID-19 positive test, students will get information on how to order food from Dining Services. Students will receive three meals per day regardless of meal plan. Dining will drop meals off outside the Isolation facility. Learn more.


College Store

Is there a limit to how many customers can be in the College Store at one time?

Yes, five.

Will the College Store offer curbside pickup?

Yes, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the loading dock. You must call 610-330-5511 for assistance. Request curbside pickup when you place your order.

How do I pick up textbooks shipped to the store?

Provide ID during regular business hours.

Will the fitting room be open while COVID-19 restrictions are in place?


Does the College Store require masks and social distancing?



Post Office

When will the post office be open?

Hours will be 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Hours on Saturday are subject to change as needed.

Will the post office deliver and pick up mail for departments?

No. Due to low density in offices on campus, mail can be picked up in the post office. If you have questions, please contact the post office (610-330-5350 and postoffice@lafayette.edu)

Can packages and mail be forwarded to an off-campus address?

Only USPS packages and first-class mail can be forwarded. FedEx, UPS, and Amazon do not forward packages. Pre-paid return labels will be accepted for returning merchandise but not forwarding.

What precautions are required to approach the post office?

Everyone must wear an appropriate mask and observe social distancing while waiting in line.

What safety precautions are being taken?

All surfaces are misted and wiped clean regularly.

What is required for students to pick up packages?

Students must present ID or photo identification and the email identifying where the package is located. Those unable to pick up their own packages can send another student provided the post office receives an email with the information beforehand.

Can stamps be purchased at the post office?

Yes. Only cash is accepted.

Is it possible to charge postage to a personal or organization L number?

No. Unfortunately, we can only charge postage to departmental FOPAL numbers.

Does the post office have a website?

How can I contact the post office?

610-330-5350 and postoffice@lafayette.edu.


Printing & Copy Services

What hours will the print shop in Marquis Hall be open?

8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Marquis Hall will be accessible through the Controller’s Office entrance facing Easton Hall.

Will the print shop deliver completed jobs to departments?

Yes, provided there is access to the department for delivery. If there is no access, jobs will be available for pickup at the post office.

Will the print shop deliver completed jobs to students?

No. Students will need to pick the work up from the Printing and Copy Services shop in the basement of Marquis Hall.

What is needed for jobs to be submitted for printing and completion?

A job ticket with all required information is needed before the job is scheduled for printing. This includes detailed instructions including quantity, paper stock, color/black & white printing, single- or two-sided printing, binding, account information, and any other instructions that will help complete the job correctly and in a timely manner. Files can be attached to the job submission form. Files to print should be high-resolution PDFs that are the same size as the finished print size.

Where can I get the form for job submissions?

Access it online.

What is the standard turnaround time to have work completed?

Three working days for most jobs. Larger jobs will take more time. Other factors include availability of files and correct detailed instructions that eliminate the need for phone calls and emails with questions about the job. “Do it the way you did it last time” is not a correct instruction for us to complete your job.

Is there a price guide for print shop services?

Yes, access it online.

How can I contact Printing and Copy Services?

610-330-5015 and copies@lafayette.edu.


Schedule & Events Planning

Are events permitted this semester?

Events are permitted depending on the current campus Operational Level.

What spaces on campus are available for events?

This will be determined after the course schedule is finalized. Due to social distancing requirements and increased cleaning needs, event space will be limited, and virtual meetings are encouraged. Room availability will be first come, first served. Any changes in the course schedule may result in the change of a previously confirmed space as academics are first priority. 

How do we reserve space?

Use the EMS reservation system or email reserve@lafayette.edu. EMS will be open for events once the spring course schedule is finalized. 

How can we contact the Scheduling Office?

610-330-5077 and reserve@lafayette.edu. Zoom appointments also may be scheduled.

How many people are permitted at an event?

Event attendance is dependent on the current campus Operational Level.

Where can I find information about social distance room capacity?

Visit EMS and log in. On the left under Browse select “locations” and find the room you are interested in. Click on the room, and a details box will pop up. Under “setup types” you will see the social distance capacity.

Can I schedule events with off-campus attendees?


What guidelines must be followed for on-campus events?

  • Masks or face coverings must be worn for all indoor and outdoor events. 
  • Social distancing of six feet must be adhered to.
  • Guest counts cannot exceed the social distance capacities provided by Environmental Health & Safety for the facility. 
  • Attendees are limited to Lafayette students, faculty, and staff. 
  • Wash hands frequently, and cover coughs and sneezes. The event organizer should provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. 
  • All attendees must self-check for symptoms and temperature before leaving for the event and stay home if needed. If someone gets sick, report to Bailey Health Center.
  • Event organizers must keep a record of attendees in case contact tracing is required. 
  • The event organizer must ensure guidelines are followed by all attendees.

Are catering services available?

Limited services are available, including wrapped items such as sandwiches and bottled beverages. 

Whom do I call if I have trouble accessing my assigned room?

Contact the Office of Public Safety at 610-330-5330 and an officer or Facilities Operations custodian will be dispatched to assist you.

Whom do I call for A/V support?

Complete the request form. ITS can provide advance training with installed equipment if given seven business days’ notice.

Are employee-hosted events permitted?


Are outside group events permitted?

No, not unless otherwise approved by Cabinet. If approved, visitors must follow state and College safety protocols.